“Water has the ability to store memory and energy. The South Face of Kailash is the very home of mysticism. The Kailash Teerth collected from there carries some of these powerful qualities. It can bring about a new sense of vitality and joy to oneself.” - Sadhguru

Sourced from the South Face of Mount Kailash, Kailash Teerth (“teerth” meaning sacred water) is a unique Isha offering which, for the first time, brings the experience of Mt. Kailash into your life. The Kailash Teerth is stored in a copper flask which is lined on the inside with silver. The copper flask also comes with a special feature on its outer surface – which allows you to get a real-life ‘Darshan’ (literal meaning ‘to behold’) of Mt. Kailash on a daily basis.
This product is intended for use in yogic and spiritual processes, not for consumption.


IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ORDERS TO EUROPE AND THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND : Due to customs regulations this item is not available to Europe or the Republic of Ireland. Orders placed to these countries will be cancelled and refunded.

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