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Pranayama Cushion Organic


This Organic Pranayama Cushion can be an ideal support for your Isha practices. Made and filled with durable, firm organic cotton, this item is designed to relieve pressure on your back, knees and ankles.

Cotton yoga Mat - Rubber coated Bottom


This attractive, eco friendly, natural cotton yoga mat features a rubber coated underside to provide the grip you need for dynamic practices. Whilst being both washable and durable, this mat also comes in a delightful plum colour..  "It is best you use a cotton mat or a raw silk mat for your yoga, because you must be connected with earth....

Pranayama Cushion Natural

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The Natural Pranayam Cushion is an ideal support for Isha practices and it’s small size makes it a perfect travel companion. Dimensions: L - 13.8”, W - 5.5”