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 Body - The Greatest Gadget "A human being is a highly sophisticated mechanism. If you are in proper tune, you are capable of perceiving the whole cosmos within yourself." - Sadhguru. Mind Is Your Business"Once your mind becomes absolutely still, your intelligence transcends human limitations" - Sadhguru.

Body - The Greatest Gadget/ Mind Is Your Business

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Two books in one:

‘Body - the Greatest Gadget’ introduces readers to the possibilities of the most sophisticated and incredible gadget - the human body. This essential book offers a glimpse of a possibility to live and function in a way that most human beings would consider superhuman. 

In ‘Mind is Your Business’, Sadhguru explains that only if we make it "our business" to transform this uncoordinated mess into a well coordinated symphony , will we be able to use the mind rather than be used by it.

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