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Our range of instant multigrain health mix is quick to make for a delicious healthy breakfast or for any part of the day. The life Nourisher.

Instant Sanjeevini


Sanjeevini Instant Sachets are a delicious blend of natural ingredients, combined into an energising health drink - a rich source of protein, fibre, folic acid, calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin A, and B12. Daily consumption of Instant Sanjeevini provides the necessary energy boost for daily activities. The drink provides natural ingredients for healthier bones and muscles, enhances the immune system and...

Sanjeevini - Multi Grain Health Mix


Sanjeevini is a unique combination of whole grains, lentils and nuts, blended into a delicious breakfast. Regular consumption of Sanjeevini will provide you with an all-natural energy boost to fuel you through the day, and help you develop both a strong body and a healthy mind. Ingredients: Finger millet (ragi), Rice, Wheat, Pearl millet (bajra), Sorghum (jowar), Peanut, Mung beans...