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Incense has been historically used in the yogic tradition to fashion an ambience of peace and serenity. It freshens up the space and soothes the senses, making one more receptive and open.

Isha Craft offers a remarkable range of organic incense; fragrances like cinnamon, nagachampa, lavender, lotus, sage, jasmine, sandal, clove, musk and many more. Available in a novelty banana-fibre pouch, the organic incense is naturally packaged and preserved.

Invigorating and calming at once, our incenses have a gentle long lasting fragrance.The flowers offered in Dhyanalinga and LingaBhairavi temple are the inspiration behind Isha Craft organic incense. The incense sticks are 100% natural; made from resins, natural extracts, herbs, and essential oils.

Apart from incense sticks, various scented candles and incense cones are available in different designs. Isha Craft organic incense is good for the senses, the earth and the people

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